The ‘Trottolo’ will take you on a trip to discover both places in town and around. This open-air, double-decker tourist bus takes you on a privileged historic and panoramic route from Alghero to the beautiful promontory of Capo Caccia.

Nuraghe Palmavera
Located at about 12 km outside Alghero. From the town, take the road to Porto Conte (Statale 127 bis), and you will find it at 32.5 km on the right.
The Palmavera nuraghe complex dates back to the 13th century B.C.:
the structure consists of an older tower, a second tower, a wall belt, and a sea wall with four towers-huts at the edges.
All around, there is a village of huts (around fifty), including the meeting hut that preserves a little model of nuraghe at its centre, which probably served a cultural purpose.

Angehelu Ruju necropolis
Located at about 10 km outside Alghero, along the road ‘Due Mari’ towards Porto Torres.
This pre-nuragic tomb complex is one of the largest necropolises in Sardinia (37 domus de janas) and one of the most important archaeological areas in the Mediterranean.
The necropolis, which was mainly used to bury populations devoted to fishing and agriculture. It relates to recent Neolithic times (3,000 B.C.) and shows, above all, the various phases of the culture of St. Michael.

Neptune’s Caves
Located at around 24 km from Alghero. Take the SS 127bis road, and turn towards the SP55 road.
Neptune’s caves are at Capo Caccia. To visit them you need to park in the car park up on the plateau above, and walk down the famous 656 steps of the ‘Escala del Cabirol‘ cliff-side stairway. Alternatively, you can reach it by boat, taking a trip out on the organised structures running to and from Alghero’s port.
These caves, some of the most famous in Sardinia, are very extended, with enormous stalactites and stalagmites within, forming imposing columns alongside some little lakes.

  • Bosa: 45Km
  • Stintino: 60Km
  • Castelsardo: 68Km
  • Isola Rossa: 95Km