• Apart from the pretty town centre, Alghero is a popular coastal destination.
  • The extensive shoreline boasts particularly beautiful beaches, with just the right balance of sand and cliffs.
  • The mild temperatures we enjoy throughout the year make swimming in the sea a real possibility 6 months a year.

Lido beach:
This is Alghero’s real beach, and despite its central position, and the great many people that head here every year, this is where the finest sand and the clearest water of the whole coastline can be admired. Within easy reach on foot, by bus, by bicycle, by motorcycle…

Maria pia beach:
This stretch of beach continues on from the coast that runs from Spiaggia del Lido in Alghero, uninterruptedly through to the little village of Fertilia. It is marked by a great many sand dunes and pine forests that lap the beach, and by the sea lilies, whose perfume completes this enchanting landscape. There is plenty of bright white sand, and the water is always crystal-clear.

Bombarde beach:
This beach lies approximately 7 km from Alghero, and is without a doubt one of the most famous both locally and internationally. It is certainly the most popular beach with young and older tourists alike. The sand here is bright white and the water crystal-clear and ‘sparkling’. All around the beach, there is a thick pine forest, where you can seek shade during the hottest part of the day. There are places to eat and a park for children. Can be reached by car, motorcycle or bus.

Lazzareto beach:
To define this as a beach is rather too simple, although Lazzareto beach is the largest and most popular with tourists, in actual fact it is simply one of the great many beaches and coves of the area. Both before and after it, there are a great many sandy bays with crystal-clear water, making this marine area one of the most characteristic of the Alghero landscape.

Mugoni beach:
This is the beach of the Baia delle Ninfe, or Nymphs’ Bay, famous landing place for Charles V’s naval fleet, and today one of the longest and wildest beaches of the territory. This beach is perfect for long walks. The sand is white, and the water shallow and crystal-clear for several metres out from the shore. The Mugoni pine wood runs alongside its whole length. Perfect for windsurfing during the summer months.

Porto Ferro beach:
The beach of Porto Ferro is particularly fascinating. It boasts very high dunes that have literally swallowed up the vegetation. Amongst the sandstones of the southernmost side, it is not rare to see freshwater rise up. The sand is pink and the water deep right from just a few metres in. A stone watchtower closes the bay. A surfer’s favourite.